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Uneven, over-plucked, sparse brows? Never worry about pencilling in your brows again.

You deserve to wake up with perfect brows everyday. Our studio is a sanctuary for natural, smudge-free permanent brow makeup. Experience our permanent brow treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty, simplify your makeup routine, and save you time.

Digital Microblading

Digital Microblading (also known as Nano-Brows) is ideal for those with sparse brow hair who want the look of realistic hair strokes. Each stroke is precisely added to achieve the natural appearance of fuller brows.

$500 – First session

$150 – Second session (5-8 weeks post first)

$300 – Brow color boost (6-18 months post first)

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Ombré Brows (also known as Powdered Brows) have a natural, soft, powder look. This technique involves lighter fronts fading into darker tails. It is ideal for those who want a makeup-like effect and is suitable for all skin types.

$500 – First session

$150 – Second session (5-8 weeks post first)

$300 – Brow color boost (6-18 months post first)


Hybrid Brow combines strokes and shading to achieve fuller brow appearance. This technique is a mix of the Microblading and Powder methods. It’s perfect for those who desire hair-like strokes and shading on their brows. 

$500 – First session

$150 – Second session (5-8 weeks post first)

$300 – Brow color boost (6-18 months post first)

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Treatment Duration:

Healing Time:

Results Last for:


2.5 Hours

1-2 Weeks

1-2 Years

Starting at $500

What To Expect


We start with a consultation to discuss your goals and address  questions. We also draw your ideal brow shape and establish the best color. 


During the procedure, we apply numbing cream to minimize discomfort, followed by the precise application of the chosen color and technique. 


Post-procedure, you’ll be provided with after care instructions. Your brows will appear bolder during the first few days. Expect light scabbing and flaking as they heal.


True brow color will be noticeable after 1 month following the procedure. A perfecting session will be scheduled for 5-8 weeks post-procedure for final adjustments.

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Just one step away from gorgeous brows. All day, everyday.

Book a consultation today! We’ll discuss your goals, answer any questions, and suggest the most appropriate service based on your desired result. 

$50 – Applied towards your service

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